Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Latest Rugs...

Here's some pictures of the latest rugs I've designed and got finished.

 The S.V. EtAl under full sail off Victoria, BC.  Captain B. L. Wolters
This rug is a work in progress.

Artistic rug of my dog Skipper.

The "Michelle Trachtenberg Rug" (one of my best so far...)

The "Alyssa Milano and Horse Rug"
Some people say they can't see the horse... I don't understand...?
 Can you see the horse?

The "Rose McGowan Rug" or "Charmed Rug"
Actually there are three girls in this image, Rose is in the foreground,
Holly Marie Combs is 'in blue' to the left, and
Alyssa Milano is 'in the water' between Rose and Holly.

Here's the original image I used where you can see the other girls clearer.

There's another rug in the works right now of a white horse, and plans for the next rug after that will be a colourful image based on a painting of the canals of Amsterdam, Holland.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The "Michelle" (Trachtenberg) Rug

A work of art, of compassion, of love.

The "Michelle Rug"  Inspired by an image of Michelle Trachtenberg.

This photo on the bottom here is the inspiration for the rug art.  Let me know if you like my art, or if there's an image you would like to see my attempt... here in the comments below.   Or you can email me directly at (subject: rug art)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Progress continues on my latest rug art:

I'm actually a little further along on the rug now... this photo was taken yesterday and I worked on the rug some more last night.  I get to a point with these where I just want to get them done and see the end result.
The above rug is being made using a photo of Michelle Trachtenberg which I found online.
Here are a few pictures of my finished rugs:

This rug is an old picture I had on my computer of Alyssa Milano and one of her horses.  You'd have to ask her which horse it was, as I've forgotten it's name.

The rug above, the "Charmed" rug, features Rose McGowan.  It's one of the first rugs I've done to my own design.  This rug has been to Hollywood and the set of Charmed when the show was still being filmed.  I had expected Rose to keep the rug, but she returned it with a thank you note and an autographed photo.

The above image is the graph/plan for a rug currently in the process of being made by a friend of mine.  It's one of my designs and features my dog, "Skipper".  I'll show more images of this rug as progress is made.

This picture of a sailboat is the next rug I plan to make.  It's my artistic representation of the boat S.V. EtAl which I had lived aboard and sailed for a number of years on the west coast.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Latchhooking How-To Video

Here's a video from MaryMaxim about how to do Latchhooking:

Monday, January 11, 2010


I've been a latchhooker for a number of years, maybe 20? Anyways, I got into it because of my Grandfather. He did a lot of rugs from kits, said it helped him keep his fingers flexible so he could do his other projects in woodworking, gardening and making some of the best homemade wine ever. I did kits for a while myself, but decided to branch out and try something new with rugs. I came up with a way to make a graph from photos I liked. My latest project is pictured here, at least this is what it's supposed to look like when it's done.

Here's a picture of a rug I made a few years ago. It's my best so far...

The paper cutouts of Alyssa and Rose are lifesize for comparison. The image in the lower right corner is the original picture that the rug was based on/inspired by.
To see a collection of images showing rugs I've already done, click here: Rugs
And for rug ideas I have, there's this collection of images: Rug plans
And hey, you can click on the pictures you like and leave me a comment... that way I know what people would like to see next. I'm also open to suggestions, just send me an email with a picture you'd like to see as a rug and I'll see if I can convert it into a graph. If you want to buy a rug from me, or order one made, we can make a deal. Send me an email at

Friday, January 1, 2010

The subject of my latest rug art:

Hi everybody, I'm busy on a new rug from a picture of Michelle Trachtenberg. If your wondering who she is, check out this short video clip:

I'll post a picture of the rug here once it's done!
Cheers, Brent