Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some new rug art...

 This is the original concept picture for a "Hilary Duff" rug, it's been shrunk to show pixelation so I can choose colours and thread count for the rug.

...and here's the finished "Hilary Duff" rug on my wall.

 Here we have the finished "White Horse" rug.

 I think it turned out well, using this original image to design the rug.

Here's the "Skipper" rug made of two images of the family dog, Skipper.

 My friend, Tom, hard at work on the "Skipper" rug, while I worked on my next project.

 My current rug project, "SV Et Al" has been stored over the summer, but is now out and ready for work to continue.

Here's the "Charmed" rug with some lifesize standups of Alyssa and Rose (holding the original image)
 And... a younger me, showing off the "Charmed" rug at a store in the local mall.

The following images have fascinated me, and I've put them on the  hot list for possible future rug projects.

This colourful image is a painting of Amsterdam, Holland.  I think it would make a beautiful rug.