Saturday, January 16, 2016

Marissa, one of my relatives, posts pictures to Facebook all the time...I saw this photo of her and thought, "Wow, that would make a great rug project!"

I started the editing process, and was impressed with the results.  I called her mom and asked her, "Do you think Marissa would like a rug portrait for Christmas?"  ...she said, "Yes, very much.  Do it."

So, 2 and half months later...and still 2 weeks before Christmas, my "TOP SECRET" project was done.  I didn't want her to know about it, so I kept the pictures off the internet.

The day after Christmas, Dec 26, we all get together to exchange gifts at her house.  I had the rug in a box, and wrapped up in brown paper with a few Christmas stickers here and there on it....

She tears off the paper...the box is for table top fan, but she figures right away that there's no fan in this box.  I'd taped it up real good with packing tape, so it took her a bit to open the box...but once she did...


The following pictures are of Marissa and her portrait rug.

....I think she likes it.