Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Latest Rugs...

Here's some pictures of the latest rugs I've designed and got finished.

 The S.V. EtAl under full sail off Victoria, BC.  Captain B. L. Wolters
This rug is a work in progress.

Artistic rug of my dog Skipper.

The "Michelle Trachtenberg Rug" (one of my best so far...)

The "Alyssa Milano and Horse Rug"
Some people say they can't see the horse... I don't understand...?
 Can you see the horse?

The "Rose McGowan Rug" or "Charmed Rug"
Actually there are three girls in this image, Rose is in the foreground,
Holly Marie Combs is 'in blue' to the left, and
Alyssa Milano is 'in the water' between Rose and Holly.

Here's the original image I used where you can see the other girls clearer.

There's another rug in the works right now of a white horse, and plans for the next rug after that will be a colourful image based on a painting of the canals of Amsterdam, Holland.